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Yeah… I’m around. 

Just bingeing on Angel (soon to be finished), watching some films (Boyhood, Guardians of the Galaxy, and How to Train Your Dragon 2), reading some novels (Unwind, Bitterblue, and Chainfire), and getting into the world of comics (starting with the Dark Phoenix Saga).

Miss you guys. Especially Flicksation.

Sorry that I haven’t been around.



and then I don’t feel like posting to Tumblr.


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ministryoftruthfilmratings asked: Do you go into hibernation every few months? You seem disappear and then reappear full of blogging energy often.

Yes, I’m like a bear. Sleep for a few months then come out and squint at the light.


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anotherdeadlanguage asked: hello! hope all is well with you! havent seen ya post in awhile... i was just curious if youve seen any good movies lately... OR if youve seen how to train your dragon 2 because it might be one of my favorite animated movies ever... so go see it haha okay bye

Yes!! I did see How to Train Your Dragon 2. LOVED IT!!

I was a HUGE fan of the first so to have the sequel be so impressive… what a feat.

Thanks for messaging.

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Game of Thrones 4x02 'The Lion And The Rose: The Westeros royal wedding

A great many things have happened tonight. Above the “Read More” tab, I will offer no spoilers. Therefore, let’s do the teeniest of recaps before we get to the goods. This is the episode where we catch up with the other half of characters not shown in the previous episode. Theon (better known as Reek nowadays), Ramsay Snow, and newcomer Myranda (what an introduction!) meet up with Roose Bolton and his fat wife, Walda Frey, in the Dreadfort. Bran Stark, Jojen and Meera Reed, and Hodor continue to travel north of the wall. Stannis and Selyse Baratheon decide to let Melisandre play priest for their daughter, Shireen. Oh yeah, and there was the royal wedding between the lion, Joffrey Baratheon, and the rose, Margaery Tyrell. (Read More)

For those who were wondering about my opinions of last night’s Game of Thrones episode. :o) I had the honor of writing about it this week.

Spoilers are included! Click and beware.


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