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Continuing From My Last Post: because these are just odd ball films that didn’t really fit in the last post of movie reviews I did. The picture college only allows 9 neatly put squares when I really wanted 12. XP Oh well, more posts for me. :o)

Dakota Skye: I actually saw this a long time ago but never reviewed it. I really enjoyed it and it is on Netflix so give it a shot. The girl can tell when someone is lying and therefore is a huge pessimist about life. Because everyone lies. Along comes a guy who does not seem to be lying. Does he always tell the truth or do her powers just not work on him? The acting is good from the two main characters with supporting being less than average; but, the story is interesting and thought provoking.

I Am Not a Hipster: I bragged and bragged about Short Term 12 (the other short/feature done by the same director, Destin Cretton) and I still stand by what I said. I liked Short Term 12 more than this movie but it was still good. The main character, Brook, is a great musician who just wants to be alone but seemed to always be surrounded by people. The best parts are the little moments that are so genuine and real you laugh at those moments because you have experienced those moments yourself. However, because Brook does want to be alone and push people away, he pushes the audience away and it is hard to relate with him. All in all, good. Especially if you have a passion for music. It’s available on a wide range of internet outlets to rent and buy (Amazon, iTunes, Xbox, Playstation, etc).  It’s also getting a lot of steam to pick it up before it’s main stream! Haha.

The Go-Getter: I have seen this movie twice now. Once a long time ago when I just enjoyed film and once a week ago. It is still just okay. It starts out really good, but then it just kinda goes and the decision making of the characters has no credibility. Especially at the end. It goes from awkward situation to another and then tries to convey meaning. It does nothing for me. Which is a shame cause I love Zooey Deschanel.

:o) Feel free to disagree, agree, or ignore how you see fit.

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